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In 2006, Tracy Belleau designed and launched Salons on Huron, a unique business opportunity. The concept was simple, offering entrepreneurial-minded licensed hair stylists the opportunity to operate their own independent businesses. Today, Salons on Huron is a walkway of private salons, each shop providing an array of specialized hair-care services.

In 2020, Tracy is furthering the expansion of this successful business model through the addition of Nouveau Suites located on Finger Road. Together with Salons on Huron, these locations are privately owned professional businesses featuring hair stylists who are seasoned professionals in the art of cosmetology. Every suite is unique in its offerings and displays the individual shop name above each suite’s private entrance.

Tracy Belleau
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Tracy shares, “These are unique and exciting opportunities for hair-care professionals who have always dreamed of owning and operating their own business in a progressive and rapidly growing area of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Both clients and proprietors appreciate the individual attention and personal care that they enjoy in a private setting. Salons on Huron and Nouveau Suites are a blend of businesses that share a common client interest and appeal, while maintaining their own unique skill sets and creative, artistic styles. It is my goal that Salons on Huron and Nouveau Suites continue to provide the right atmosphere and setting for hair-care professionals to prosper and grow.”

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